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Saw Lwin (Orchidologist and Orchid Tissue Culturist

NAME                                                 -   Saw Lwin
PROFESSION                                  -   Managing Director, Myanma Flora Co., Ltd
NATIONALITY                                   -   Myanmar
EDUCATION AND TRAINING        -  1. Bachelor of Science in Botany
                                                               2  Bachelor of Science (Honours)
                                                               (Passed with first class)
                                                               3. Master of Science (Yangon University) (M.Sc.)
                                                               Thesis Title : Protocorm-like bodies initiations of
                                                               some orchid hybrids and nutritional study on
 DENDROBIUM protocorm-like bodies IN VITRO 
                                                               4. Diploma in Chemical Technology.
                                               5. Postgraduate Degree in Law (R.L)
 6. Diplome de Langue Francaise
                                                      (Sorbonne University, Paris, France)
                                               7. Certificate on Orchid Growing and Production
                                                       Course (Kasetsart University,Bangkok, Thailand)
                                               8 .Doing Ph.D. Degree research at Yangon University
                                                       starting from July, 2004.
                                                       Preliminary research paper ôStatus Survey of                                                        Native Orchids in Main-Ma-Hla Island
                                                       Wildlife Sanctury and Nat-Ma-Taung(Mt.Victoria)
                                                       National Park"
                                                       Ph.D. research ôStudy of survey and conservation
                                                       on Native Orchids of Popa Mountain Park" 

CARRIER                                           -     Head of orchid tissue culture laboratory,
                                                               The Mingladon Gardren, Myanma Agriculture Services
                                                               Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, 1980-83.
                                                             -     Proprietor
                                                               Than Lwin Orchid Nursery and Laboratory, 1984-1992.
     Managing Director
                                                               MyanmaFlora Co., Ltd., 1993-Present.

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES                           -     Central Executive Committee Member
     Chairman, Foreign Relations Committee
     Vice Chairman, Research Works Committee
                                                               Myanmar Floriculturist Association (MFA)
-     Executive Committee Member
                                                               Myanmar Hiking and Mountaineering Federation 
     Executive Committee Member
Biodiversity and Nature Conservation  Association
                                                                Forest Resource Environment Development &
                                                                Conservation Association (FREDA)
                                                                Orchid Tissue Culture Laboratory Central Forest
                                                                Development & Training Center, (CFDTC), Forest
                                                                Department, Ministry of Forest
      External Examiner
M. Sc. and M. Res. Degree students, University of
      Member of American orchid Society
      Member of South East Asia Orchid Society(OSSEA)
      Member of  Orchid Specialist Group,IUCN

EXPEDITIONS                                    -     Member of Myanmar's highest Peak Mount Hkakbo-
                                                               razi in 1995, jointly scaled by Japanese famous
                                                               mountaineer Mr. Takashi Ozaki and Myanmar Hiking
                                                               and Mountaineering Federation.
  Member of Hkakabo-razi Biological Expedition in
                                                               1997,co-sponsored by Forest Department and Wildlife
                                                               Conservation Society (WCS).
     Member of Naung Mon Area Expedition in 1997, co-
                                                               sponsored by Forest Department and Wildlife
                                                               Conservation Society (WCS).
     Member of Hu Kaung Valley Biological Expedition in
                                                              1999, co-sponsored by Forest Department and Wildlife
                                                               Conservation Society (WCS)
     Member of Hkakabo-razi and surrounding area
                                                               Biological Expedition in 2000, co-sponsored by
                                                               Forest Department and Wildlife Conservation Society
     Member of Hpon-Kan Razi Biological Expedition in
                                                               2002, co-sponsored by Forest Department and
                                                               Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)
      Member of Hu- Kaung Valley Rattan Survey in 2005,
                                                               January 9th to February 11th, co-sponsored by Forest
                                                               Department, Wildlife Conservation Society and New
                                                               York Botanical Garden (NYBG)
     Upcoming research trip: Hkakabo-razi National Park
                                                               Kachin State, Northern Myanmar in 2006.
     Plant collection and Myanmar orchid research trips
                                                               made by Myanmar Floriculturist Association and
                                                               Forest Department
     Plant collection and research trips arranged by
                                                               Myanmar Floriculturist Association.
PUBLISHED PAPERS                        -    "Nutritional Study on DENDROBIUM Reflasking media
                                                               by Saw-Lwin and Tin-Myint-Saw. (Presented at
                                                               Myanmar Research Conference, 1980)
                                                         -    "Study on suitable media for DENDROBIUM IN VIVO
                                                               culture" by Saw-Lwin and Htay-Aung (In Myanmar)
                                                               (Presented at Myanmar Research Conference, 1981)
                                                         -    "Virus detection by Electron Microscope in
 GOLDIANA" by Saw-Lwin, Thet-Win and E.
                                                               Tanimura. (Presented at Myanmar Research
                                                        -     "Initiation of Protocorn-like bodies from bud meristem
DENDROBIUM" by Saw-Lwin, Khin-Maung-Sein
                                                               and Tin-Myint, Journal of Myanmar Botanical Society,
                                                               Vol I, Number 2, 1994.

    "DENDROBIUM orchid culture" by Saw-Lwin and
                                                               Kyaw-Nyunt (in Myanmar) Compiled Papers Vol I,
                                                               published by Myanmar Floriculturist Association.

    "PHALAENOPSIS orchid culture" by Saw-Lwin
                                                               (in Myanmar) Compiled Paper Vol II, published by
                                                               Myanmar Floriculturist Association, 1997.

    "Myanmar rare orchids and its conservation in the
                                                               Hkakabo-razi area" Conservation poster by Saw-Lwin
                                                               presented at 16th W.O.C' 99, Vancouver, Canada,
                                                               April 1999.
     "Myanmar Rare Orchids of Hkakabo-razi, Northern
                                                               Frontier of Myanmar" presented by Saw-Lwin at Sino
                                                               Myanmar Scientific Research and Technological
                                                               Development Exchange and Co-operation Workshop,
                                                               99' International Horticultural Exposition held in
                                                               Kuming,China, September 1999.
     "An Introduction to Myanmar Native Orchids of the
                                                               Hkakabo-razi area" presented by Saw-Lwin at
                                                               Workshop for regional collaboration in conservation of
                                                               the Hkakabo-razi mountain ecosystem, Putao,
                                                               Kachin State joint sponsored by Forest Department
                                                               and ICIMOD (International Center for Integrated
                                                               Mountain Dvelopment), October 1999.
     "An Introduction to Native Orchids of Myanmar" 
                                                               presented by Saw-Lwin at 7th Asia-Pacific Orchid 
                                                               Conference (APOC7) held in Nagoya, Japan, March
     "Myanmar Native Orchids Listed In CITES Appendix I"
                                                               presented by Saw-Lwin at 17th World Orchid
                                                               Conference (17WOC) held in Shah Alam, Malaysia,
                                                               April-May 2002.
     "Thazin, Royal Orchid of Myanmar" poster paper
                                                               presented by Saw-Lwin at 17th World Orchid
                                                               Conference (17WOC) held in Shah Alam, Malaysia,
                                                               April-May 2002.
     "Diversity of Myanmar Native Orchid Species and
                                                               Conservation" presented by Saw-Lwin and Myo-Han
                                                               at Second Conference on Environmental Education
                                                               and Research for Sustainable Development organized
                                                               by Yangon University held in Yangon, Myanmar, June
     Published "Myanmar Native Orchids Booklet " in
                                                               December 2003.
     Published "Myanmar Native Orchids Booklet, Volume
                                                               2" in December 2004
      Participating Myanmar Floricultural Booth at Kunming
                                                               Horticultural Festival in 2000.
     Participating Myanmar Orchid Exhibit in Orchid Show
                                                               of Johor Baru  Asia-Pacific Orchid Festival, Malaysia,
      Participating Myanmar Orchid Exhibit in 17th World
                                                               Orchid Conference , Shah Alam, Malaysia ,April 2002
      Attended Workshop on Coal Gassification for Clean
                                                               and Secure Energy in Beijing, China,August 2003.
                                                        -      Participating Myanmar Orchid Exhibit in 4th Ipoh
                                                               International Orchid Festival 2004 , Ipoh, Malaysia,
                                                               from 8th Sept -13th Sept 2004.
                                                        -      Presented paper entitled "Preliminary Survey on
                                                               Native Orchids of Hkakabo-razi National Park"at
                                                               Myanmar Science and Arts Research Conference in
      Participating 3rd IUCN World Conservation Congress,
                                                               17th-25th November, 2004 Bangkok,Thailand
      Articles related to plant collection trips, mountain
                                                               climbing, expedition, agriculture and horticulture
                                                               subjects appeared in various monthly magazines and

CURRENT RESEARCH WORKS         -  (a) Tissue Culture Research Woks on various
                                                                 Myanmar Native Orchids and hybrid orchids
                                                            (b) Conservation Activities on birds, orchids, wild
                                                                 flowers and biodiversity
                                                            (c) Preparing to publish" Myanmar Native Orchids Vol3
                                                                 in December 2005.
                                                            (d) Writing on "Northern Myanmar Biological
                                                                 Expeditions" will be published in 2006.

ADDRESS                                          -     No. 42 (A), Inya Myaing Road
                                                                Golden Valley Ward (2),Bahan Township,
                                                                Yangon 11201, Union of Myanmar.

PHONE                                              -     95-1-511926, 537833, 09-99-28047

E-MAIL                                               -     orchid@mptmail.net.mm